Novel & Advanced Transparent Oxides

Contact Person(s):
Prof. George Kiriakidis Dr. Elias Aperathitis

(a) p-type oxides:
      (i) Development of undoped and Ba-doped p-type SrCu2O2 (SCO) thin films by PLD and realization of p-SCO/n-ZnO:Al, p-SCO/n-Si and p-SCO/p-Si heterostructures.
      (ii) Development, by sputtering, of p-type NiO and Ni(Al,Cu)O for opto-electronic and sensing applications.

(b) n-type oxides:
      (i) Modification of rf-sputtered Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO) properties by introducing nitrogen in the structure and converting it into oxynitride (ITON). Realization of ITON thin films as: (a) transparent ohmic contact on GaAs-based solar cells -including MQW solar cells (b) transparent ohmic contact on p-GaN and (c) mask for deep reactive ion etching of Si (MEMs)
      (ii) Development of ZnO:Si, ZnO:Al,Si, TiO2:Nb

Research Topics
Transparent Conductive Materials and Devices


Dr. M. Modreanu (Tyndall Institute, Ireland)
Dr. Petre Osiceanu (Institute of Physical Chemistry  "Ilie Murgulescu", Romanian  Academy)

Project Members
Dr. George Konstantinidis
Ms. Vassiliki Kampilafka
Mr. John Kortides
Mr. Kostas Moschovis
Dr. Vassilis Binas
Prof. George Kiriakidis
Dr. Elias Aperathitis

Last Updated:  25/2/2013