EKSOTHERMO-“Smart & Cheap Thermochromic Windows for Energy Saving in Buildings”

Contact Person(s):
Prof. George Kiriakidis

EKSOTHERMO will develop thermochromic coatings on new as well as on already existing windows for energy efficient and energy saving in buildings. Thermochromic coatings, based on metal oxides, can change optical properties with temperature. The thermochromic coatings of EKSOTHERMO are based on vanadium oxide, its alloys (AxV1-xO2, Α= W, Mg, Ir, Nb,…) and multilayers

Research Topics
Transparent Conductive Materials and Devices


National Technical University of Athens - Greece
Technological Educational Institute of Crete - Greece
Uniglass Ltd. - Greece

Project Members
Dr. Elias Aperathitis
Ms. Vassiliki Kampilafka
Dr. Vassilis Binas
Prof. George Kiriakidis

Last Updated:  25/2/2013