Hybrid organic-inorganic optoelectronic devices

Contact Person(s):
Prof. Pavlos Savvidis

Until recently seeing macroscopic quantum states directly was possible only in high-vacuum ultracold atomic condensates. Here we describe a tomography technique which can be used to directly visualise formation of such spontaneously created quantum fluid. Beyond the very rich physical phenomena of quantum fluids the ability of their manipulation reveals their great potential for integrated semiconductor-based interferometric devices.

Research Topics
Semiconductor Nanostructures and Optoelectronic Devices


  • Ultrafast polariton population built-up mediated by molecular phonons in organic microcavities
    N. Somaschi, L. Mouchliadis, D. Coles, I. E. Perakis, D.G. Lidzey, P.G. Lagoudakis, P.G. Savvidis, Applied Physics Letters, 99, 143303, 2011

Project Members
Mr. Simos Tsintzos
Prof. Zacharias Hatzopoulos
Prof. Pavlos Savvidis

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