Applied Spectroscopy for quality wines

Contact Person(s):
Dr. Michalis Velegrakis

Application of  optical spectroscopy for investigations on wine analysis and fingerprint recording


Research Topics
Cluster Physics and Chemistry


 Application of Uv-Vis and fluorescence spectroscopy to analyze wines by monitoring the spectroscopic fingerprints through the entire manufacturing process from grapes to the final product. Comparative studies with other traditional or modern quantitative spectroscopic techniques and correlation of results with statistical analysis are necessary to obtain valuable information about the state of the sample.This project is performed within the framework of a “Thales” program in cooperation with other laboratories of the University of Crete (NMR, GC-MS) and the Technological Educational Institute of Crete (FTIR).


Project Members
Dr. Aggelos Filippidis
Mr. Emmanouel Poulakis
Dr. Maria Claudia Mihessan
Dr. Olga Kokkinaki
Ms. Antigoni Papadaki
Dr. Michalis Velegrakis

Last Updated:  18/2/2013