Photonics in Greece

Contact Person(s):
Dr. Stavros Pissadakis

Research Topics
Photonic Materials and Devices



The Greek National Technological Platform for Photonics (PhotonicsGR) was founded on May 30th 2008, by 23 members representing major research, university and industrial organisations activated in Photonics in the Greek area. This is a non-profit, voluntary association, of structure and objectives similar to that of Photonics 21 European Platform. These funding research and industrial organisations exhibit a broad geographical distribution over the Greek national area, while they represent diverse scientific fields and market sectors in Optics and Photonics.
Track and Actions
The PhotonicsGR founding members elected a 7-delegate Executive Committee for representing the Platform in national, european and international organisations, as well as, for undertaking specific actions related with the promotion of the objectives of the Platform. Since then, the Photonics GR Platform has finalised a MoU for defining interaction between the Member Organisations, while it is working for the appointment of Working-Group Leaders similar to those activated in the Photonics 21 European Platform.