High frequency power devices

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Dr. George Konstantinidis

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MNEO fabricated for the first time deep submicron AlN/GaN HEMTs (100-200nm gates) that exhibited record values of current intensities.
We are currently developing a full fabrication protocol (including passivation) for improving lag performance of the devices. We are also developing SiC VJFETs for ESA.


Research Topics
Membrane Supported Microsystems



Dr. Dan Necoloiu, IMT Bucharest
Dr. Kostis Michelakis, Imperial College
Dr. Alexandru Muller, IMT Bucharest
Dr. Mircea Dragoman, IMT Bucharest
Prof. Robert Plana, CNRS-LAAS


Project Members
Dr. George Konstantinidis
Mr. Thanassis Kostopoulos
Prof. Alexandros Georgakilas
Prof. Eleftherios Iliopoulos
Mr. George Stavrinidis
Dr. Konstantinos Zekentes

Last Updated:  11/1/2010