"Trenched" structures

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Dr. George Konstantinidis

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Field effect transistor (FET)-like structures with a trench as “gate” were fabricated on GaAs substrates. The bottom of the trench as well as the “source” and “drain” regions were metallized. Bundles of nanotubes were then suspended over the trench. At a certain threshold, these trenched FET-like structures display an S-shaped negative resistance, which breaks into parallel branches when the voltage is increased in equal steps. Several such steps were observed at room temperature and under normal pressure. The steps were reversibly enabled and disabled via changes in the applied voltage. A maximum stable gain with a quasilinear behavior was observed between 0.5 and 3.25 GHz.



Research Topics
Membrane Supported Microsystems


Dr. Mircea Dragoman

Dr. Dan Necoloiu, IMT Bucharest

Prof. Robert Plana, CNRS-LAAS

Dr. Fabio Coccetti, NovaMEMS

Prof. Hans Hartnagel, University of Darmstadt

Project Members
Mr. George Stavrinidis
Dr. George Konstantinidis
Mr. Thanassis Kostopoulos

Last Updated:  11/1/2010