Reconfigurable millimeter wave front ends (III-arsenides)

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Dr. George Konstantinidis

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For many years we have fabricated membrane supported millimeter wave front ends. Recently, we established together with VTT (Finland) and IMT (Romania) the concept of Millimeter wave ID (MMID). Three feasible applications are suggested for MMID, which are: 1) wireless mass memory; 2) an automatic identification system with pointing functionality; and 3) transponder communication with automotive radar. To demonstrate the feasibility of the MMID system, experimental results for both downlink and backscattering-based uplink were presented at 60 GHz. We have fabricated the transponder with the antenna and the Schottky diode monolithically integrated on a GaAs membrane.
We are currently working on such a system but for 200GHz applications while with our new nanolithography system we aim at the THz region.
We are also collaborating with Volvo to develop a millimeter wave real ground speed sensor involving monolithic integration with GaAs MMICs.
Research Topics
Membrane Supported Microsystems


Dr. Alexandru Muller, IMT Bucharest

Dr. Dan Necoloiu, IMT Bucharest

Dr. Kostis Michelakis, Imperial College

Dr. Apostolis Samelis

Dr. Pekka Pursula, VTT

Dr. Tauno Vaha Heikkila, VTT

Dr. Aarne Oja, VTT

Dr. Jussi Tuovinen, VTT

Project Members
Dr. George Konstantinidis
Prof. Zacharias Hatzopoulos
Mr. Thanassis Kostopoulos
Mr. George Stavrinidis

Last Updated:  11/1/2010