Lamb-type biosensors (III-nitrides)

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Dr. George Konstantinidis

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One of the challenges of modern biotechnology is to create biosensors with the necessary properties for reliable and effective use in environmental analysis and healthcare.
Lamb-type device was fabricated for the first time on MOCVD grown GaN/Si. The fabrication procedure has been optimized leading to a very good yield and reproducibility. The observed frequency response was the one expected for such type of devices.
Two different types of experiments are performed. The first includes a non-binding interaction between biomolecules and surface, where biomolecules like glycerols were used. The second type is a binding interaction, where biomolecules like protein G, immunoglobulin G (IgG), neutravidin and bacteria create bonds with the surface.
The next step is to fabricate an array of such sensors integrated with RF MEMS switches for sequential addressing and analysis of different biological samples.
Research Topics
Membrane Supported Microsystems



Prof. Electra Gizeli, University of Crete
Prof. Nikos Chaniotakis, University of Crete
Dr. Kostis Michelakis, Imperial College
Dr. Dan Necoloiu, IMT Bucharest


Project Members
Dr. George Konstantinidis
Dr. Elias Aperathitis
Ms. Vassiliki Kampilafka

Last Updated:  11/1/2010