Cavity-enhanced Polarimetry

Contact Person(s):
Prof. Petros Rakitzis

 We are developing techniques for the enhancement of optical rotation using optical cavities.

Research Topics
Polarization Spectroscopy


Chiral optical rotation cannot be enhanced using a simple Fabry-Perot cavity, as the optical rotation of the light traveling along one direction is exactly cancelled by the that traveling in the opposite direction.

There are at least two ways around this problem: a) Inserting two quarter-wave plates in the cavity, and b) using  a four-mirror ring or bowtie cavity, with the sample in only one or two arms of the cavity.

We are investigating both approaches, with the goal of extending significantly the sensitivity of single-pass polarimetry measurements. 

Project Members
Prof. Petros Rakitzis
Dr. Wolf von Klitzing
Mr. Lykourgos Bougas

Last Updated:  2/6/2011