Adaptive feedback spectroscopies

Contact Person(s):
Dr. David Gray

Adaptive optimization applied to spectroscopy

Research Topics
Non-linear Spectroscopic Studies


Here we are interested in the phase and temporal tailoring of
ultra-short pulses coupled to adaptive optimization applied to
spectroscopy. The systems investigated are (1) the manipulation and
generation of ions using a Time of Flight (TOF) mass spectrometer, and
(2) Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) to investigate both
atomic and ionic species and their relative strengths.



Razvan Stoian: LaboratoireHubertCurien,UMR5516 CNRS,Universite de Lyon, Universite Jean Monnet, 42000 Saint Etienne,France

Project Members
Dr. David Gray
Prof. Costas Fotakis
Dr. Michalis Velegrakis
Dr. Argyri Klini

Last Updated:  10/11/2009