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Prof. Maria Kafesaki
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The Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL) of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), in the frame of the project ‘SOLAR-NANO: Nanostructured plasmonic reflectors for efficient thin film solar cells’, which is financed by the “Bilateral Cooperation Greece-Germany in Research and Technology 2013-2015” of Greece's General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT), is seeking for one post-doctoral researcher to commit a work contract.

Job Description
Design and realisation of biomaterial based receptors for nanostructured plasmonic reflecting surfaces. Reflectors will be evaluated based on the performance of various biomaterial receptors, the excitation of surface plasmons and the role of the receptors on the efficiency of the solar cells.
·         PhD from the Bio sciences
·         Masters and/or experience in the field of nanostructure biomaterials scaffolds
·         Publications and/or conference presentations
Place: IESL-FORT, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Start Date: 01/05/2015
Project Duration: 5 months
Cost: 12300 euro
Application Submission
Interested candidates who meet the aforementioned requirements are kindly asked to submit their applications, no later than 18th of April 2015, local Greece time by email to (, with cc to Dr. Emmanuel Stratakis (

In order to be considered, the application must include:
·         Application Form (please download file from the position announcement webpage) mentioning the announcement code
·         Brief  CV
·         Scanned copies of academic titles
Any application received after the deadline will not be considered for the selection
For information and questions regarding the application and selection procedure, candidates are asked to contact (, tel. +30 2810-391301
For information and questions about the advertised position and the research activity of the group or the institute, candidates are asked to contact Dr. Emmanuel Stratakis (, tel. +30 2810-391274
Selection Procedure
Applications that are received on time are going to be reviewed by the scientific committee. The committee will select the candidacies that best match the position and project requirements, based on the score that they will get according to the criteria table as shown on the Appendix in the end of the present announcement. If necessary, certain candidates will be invited to a personal interview with the committee on a specific date and time that will be announced.
The successful candidates will be personally notified and will be asked to present the required documents in original form within six (6) working days after the results announcement on the web and the time period for appeals. In the case that the presented documents don’t match those submitted, the candidates will be dismissed from the procedure.
Regarding the selection of candidates for the post-doctoral position advertised in the framework of the project SOLAR-NANO: Nanostructured plasmonic reflectors for efficient thin film solar cells’,  as announced by the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL) of FORTH, the evaluation procedure will be as follows:
 (ΑEvaluation of candidates: all applications will be evaluated by the scientific committee on a scale of 1-100 based on the criteria outlined below using the weighting factors indicated:
PhD from the Bio sciences
Masters and/or experience in the field of nanostructure biomaterials scaffolds
Relevance or duration of experience
Publications and/or conference presentations
Number and quality of publications
(ΒAnnouncement of Results: The results of the evaluation procedure will be posted on the IESL-FORTH website ( and on the website of DIAYGEIA ( Candidates will be notified by e-mails.
(C) Appeals: Candidates have the right to submit a written appeal to the IESL secretariat within three (3) working days from the posting of the evaluation results on the IESL-FORTH website. They also maintain the right to access (a) the personal files of the candidates as well as (b) the table of candidates’ scores in line with the Γ/ΕΞ/4163-1/06.07.2012 document of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority. All the above information related to the selection procedure will be available at the secretariat of IESL-FORTH.
 (D) Finalization of the process: After expiry of the appeal period and following evaluation of any submitted appeal, the scientific committee finalizes the ranking of the candidates. The candidate ranked first is given a period of six (6) working days to accept the position offered and provide original degree documents (or certified copies). In case that any of the presented documents do not match those submitted, the candidate will be dismissed from the procedure. In case of non-acceptance or non-response by the selected candidate in the given time of six (6) working days the scientific committee will offer the position to the first runner-up following the same procedure. This procedure will be repeated for the top three ranked candidates under the condition that they all meet the evaluation thresholds. If no candidate accepts the position, the position will be declared vacant.



Project Members
Prof. Maria Kafesaki
Dr. Emmanuel Stratakis

Download the Application form (English | Greek)

Publication Date:  3/4/2015