POST-DOCTORAL RESEARCHER IN PROJECT 'Tailored Nanoparticles for Nanomedicine'

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Dr. Alexandros Lappas
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The Institute of Electronic Structure and LASER (IESL) of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), in the frame of the project “Development of Interdisciplinary Research Activities Towards System Biology (ΚΡΗΠΙΣ-BIOSYS)” and its work package dealt with Tailored Nanoparticles for Nanomedicine, which is funded in part by the General Secretariat for Research & Technology, the Ministry of Education, Greece and the EC in the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship, NSRF 2007-2013), is seeking for one (1) Post-doctoral Researcher.



The candidate will undertake experimental research under the work-package of BIOSYS dealt with Nanomedicine and in particular with the task that develops inorganic nanoparticle assemblies that aim at improving diagnosis and treatment methods.

The project will optimize high-temperature solution chemistry and self-assembly approaches for the growth of iron-oxide secondary structures with defined composition, tunable and narrow size distribution, while it will also aim at understanding the materials’ interactions with living organisms.
Multifunctional nanoparticle-assembled architectures will be developed to attain high magnetization, without undermining colloidal stability. Their defined geometric arrangements will take advantage of the composing nanoparticles’ mutual interactions to manipulate the collective properties of the nanoplatform. The magnetostructural characteristics of the latter and its surface functional groups will endow them sufficient specificity for biomedical purposes, such as enhanced MRI sensitivity and hyperthermia applications. On another account, it is desirable to demonstrate that the derived colloidal magnetic nanoparticle clusters can be exploited for active targeting by integrating surface conjugating ligands or antibodies. In view to this, a potential application area may entail nanostructure-binding to atherosclerotic markers for targeted diagnosis of the plaque instability and its treatment.
·         PhD in a field that is relevant to the position (Chemistry, Materials Science etc)
·         Demonstrated ability in colloidal chemistry approaches and self-assembly processes for inorganic nanocrystals (Nanochemistry)
·         Proved experience in analytical techniques, including, transmission electron microscopy (ΤΕΜ), magnetic property characterization, X-ray diffraction, optical and NMR spectroscopies
Additional Qualifications
·         Excellent knowledge of English language (competence in speaking and writing)
·         A background or MSc degree in biological sciences (e.g. Biology, Molecular Targeting, Biomedicine) will be an advantage
·         A strong publication record in peer-reviewed scientific journals will be taken into account
·         Successful candidates must be highly motivated, have passion for research and be able to work in an interdisciplinary environment
·         Previous experience in research report writing will be considered beneficial
Greek male candidates must have fulfilled their military obligations
Location: IESL-FORTH – Vassilika Vouton – Heraklion Crete, GREECE (
Start Date: The position will be available from 14 April 2014 or as soon as possible thereafter.
Contract Duration: 12 Months, with the option for extension
Salary: the salary will depend on the experience of the researcher
Insurance: Social security according to National law
Application Submission
Interested candidates who meet the aforementioned requirements are kindly asked to submit their applications, no later than 04 April 2014 by email to Ms Aggeliki Tsigkri (, with cc to the Scientific Coordinator of the particular project, Dr Alexandros Lappas (

In order to be considered, the application must include:
·         Application Form (please download file from the job announcement webpage)
·         A cover letter describing your research interests
·         CV and publications list
·         Scanned copies of academic titles
·      Two (2) reference letters (elaborating on work experience credentials that prove the desired qualifications and support the candidacy)
Any application received after the deadline will not be considered for the selection.
For information and questions regarding the application and selection procedure, candidates are asked to contact Ms Aggeliki Tsigkri ( tel. 0030-2810-391301.
For information and questions about the advertised position and the research activity of the group or the Institute, candidates are kindly asked to contact the Scientific Coordinator of the project, Dr Alexandros Lappas (; Lab: tel. 0030-2810-391344.
Selection Procedure
Applications that are received on time are going to be reviewed by the scientific committee. The committee will select the candidacy that best matches the position and project requirements, based on the score that it will get according to the criteria table as shown on the Appendix in the end of the present announcement. If necessary, certain candidates will be invited to a personal interview with the committee on a specific date and time that will be announced.
The successful candidate will be personally notified and will be asked to present the required documents in original form within seven (7) working days after the results announcement on the web and the time period for appeals. In the case that the presented documents don’t match those submitted, the candidate will be dismissed from the procedure.


Project Members
Dr. Alexandros Lappas

Download the Application form (English | Greek)

Publication Date:  4/3/2014