Advanced laser-based techniques in art conservation, diagnostics and analysis

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18- 22 June 2012, IESL-FORTH, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

A Charisma project training course and workshop

Join us for an exciting week in Crete to learn the latest on laser technologies and their applications in Cultural Heritage conservation

Course aims and content
The course focuses on the applications of optical and laser technologies in Conservation and Cultural Heritage Science. It will involve a series of lectures from experts on advanced laser-based conservation methodologies and analytical techniques, combined with hands-on and practical demonstration sessions.
·         Analytical Laser Spectroscopy: LIBS, LIF, Raman, THz, Mass Spectrometry
·         Laser restoration: methodologies and real-case interventions
·         Optical coherence metrology in structural diagnosis
·         Imaging and mapping: spectral and non-linear microscopy imaging
Special Lecture:
·           Laser cleaning campaigns at the Athens Acropolis (Ministry of Culture) {tentative}
Who can participate
The course is addressed to graduate students or undergraduate seniors, early-career conservation professionals and young researchers.
How to apply
Application deadline: April 15, 2012.

Number of participants: 25-30. 


Thank you all for applying.
Similar courses at FORTH are planned for the near future.
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