Lasers in Cultural Heritage Conservation; a focused training-by-research course

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Bring your own Conservation Challenges to our Laser Laboratories

IESL-FORTH announces the launch of a series of specialised training -by research courses on the use of laser technology in CH conservation. These 3-month courses are mainly addressed to graduate students mid-career conservators and conservation scientists and aim to introduce advanced analytical and conservation laser methodologies to CH restoration practice in parallel to their on-going projects and interventions.

Participants will choose to attend and get practical training on the following subjects:

·         Laser cleaning interventions

·         Laser structural diagnosis

·         Imaging and mapping

·         Laser spectroscopic analysis

and are expected during this training period to address open problems and specific challenges encountered in their current endeavours.

Guest experts will be invited to contribute on the basis of the specific needs of the assigned projects.

The course language will be English (or Greek in case of Greek participants).

A minimum laboratory fee of 5.000,00 € will be applied for a 3-month access. Any additional fees will be dependent on the specific requirement of each project.

The number of participants is restricted, while the selection of successful candidates/projects will be mostly based on their CV and motivation letter.


Recent Training-by-Research Activities


2015, October 05-30
Advanced laser technologies in ceramic and glass conservationtraining and research on open problems and specific challenges  related  to ceramic and glass conservation practice
B. Kutergina, E. Dutova, N. Bolshakova, D. Prokuratov, 
State Hermitage Museum St Petersburg, Russia


2014, September 22- October 17
Advanced laser technologies in metal conservation; training and research on open problems and specific challenges  related  to metal conservation practice
O. Senatorova, A. Karpechenkov, A. Chulin, M. Borovikova, A. Pankova, M. Subbotina
State Hermitage Museum St Petersburg, Russia
Special Invited Lectures

·         Bessie Argyropoulou, Professor of metal conservation, TEI of Athens, Conservation dept.

o   29 September, “Corrosion and conservation of metals in Greece; cleaning challenges”

o   30 September, The FP6 EU project PROMET; the protection of metals' collections

·         Elpida Katopodi, BSc student at TEI of Athens, Conservation dept.

o   30 September, “Laser technology for the analysis and conservation of painted metal objects”

·         Amalia Siatou, MSc Chemisrty and Materials Technology, Freelance Conservator-Restorer of Antiquities & Works of Art

o   01 October, “Manufacturing and corrosion study of excavated archaeological metal artefacts; The synergistic use of Raman Spectroscopy”


2014, June 1-30
1 month training and research on laser cleaning of stonework using various wavelengths
Victoria Atanassova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria.


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