Functional Nanocrystals & Quantum Magnetism

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Research is focused on exotic forms of matter incorporating different length scales based on atomic and molecular building blocks. Bulk solid-state compounds, single-crystals or specific nanoscale morphologies, such as hybrid nanocrystals and nanoparticle-assembled solids, are prepared to afford strong electronic correlations(e.g. between spin, charge and lattice). Our studies tackle problems of how the three-dimensional organization, the geometry of the lattice, as well as the size, shape and interfacial properties of nanoscale bulding blocks within a structure influence functionality. Establishing relationships between the microscopic structure and macroscopic physical properties exploits novel quantum mechanical phenomena that allows designing materials (i.e. magnets, semiconductors, bad metals, superconductors) with technological significance (e.g. opto- or magneto- electronic devices).
Current topics include: (i) Nanocrystal heterostructures, (ii) Frustration and magnetoelectric materials.

Contact Person(s):
Dr. Alexandros Lappas

Last Updated:  15/3/2013