Bio-organic Materials Chemistry

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The Bio-Organic Materials Chemistry Laboratory (BOMCLab, is a joint activity between the IESL and IMBB institutes of FORTH to provide the research infrastructure for the synthesis and characterization of organic polymers, bio-polymer- and polymer-inorganic hybrids, polymer thin films and polymeric colloid particles. These materials form the basis for the development of novel polymer-based systems and the resource for tailor-made polymer derivatives for the broad requirements of the FORTH-IMBB/IESL setting.
Further BOMCLab members:
- IMBB member: Prof. Dr. Electra Gizeli (
- Dept. of Materials Science and Technology member (University of Crete): Prof. Dr. Kelly Velonia (


Contact Person(s):
Prof. Maria Vamvakaki

Last Updated:  1/3/2009