Dynamic Light Scattering

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 The Polymer & Colloid Science Group activities are directed towards the fundamental understanding of the structure-properties relationship in soft matter . This is accomplished through systematic approaches on carefully selected projects utilizing a range of powerful, high spatial and time resolution experimental techniques. We focus our attention towards model polymeric and colloidal systems with special consideration to dynamical properties. The main mastered experimental techniques are scattering (Light, Xray, Neutrons) and rheology. As we are not manufacturing our model samples, we rely on close collaboration with a number of pioneering chemists. The selected research problems should help explore the behavior of soft matter under equilibrium as well as out-of-equilibrium conditions.. The ultimate goal is obtaining predictive power for tailoring the dynamic response of  soft matter systems.

Our effort is also directed towards the development of specific experimental tools like Evanescent wave scattering and Echo dynamic light scattering.

The main general interest includes:   Dynamic of soft systems in dense solutions like polymer (diblock, rodlike, brush) and colloid (soft and hard) systems, Rheology of branched polymers, Laser writing in polymer solution


Contact Person(s):
Prof. George Fytas
Dr. Benoit Loppinet
Prof. George Petekidis

Last Updated:  1/3/2009