BEC and Matter Waves

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PhD Scholarships available!

The Thrid Frontiers of Matter Wave optics conference FOMO-2014 will be held here on Crete!

The aim of the Cretan Matter-Waves group is to explore the unprecedented potential of matter-wave interferometry and to look at (de)coherence in increasingly complex quantum systems.  

We explore cold atom systems from single atoms (OneAtom), over low density matter waves (BEC1), to very high densities (BEC2)

BEC 1: We are constructing a coherently guided matter-wave interferometer. Our matter-waves will be made from Bose-Einstein Condensates (BEC). The interferometer will consist of a novel magnetic ring-shaped waveguide based on time-averaged adiabatic potentials (TAAP).  A little 'teaser' movie of our TAAP can be seen here.

BEC 2:  We are have set up a second experiment which will look at BEC at higher atom numbers. We recently demonstrated a novel atom laser, which has a record flux of 4x10^7 atom/s. We also made the coldest thermal source todate (200nK). We are currently exploring the phase propperties of atom lasers.
In the future we plan to study the kinetics of the condensation process itself. We also plan to study the rise of coherence in phase-fluctuating condensates.

OneAtom: Imaging matter-waves with unit efficiency has been a long standing aim of cold atom physics.  Here we use a one-atom-MOT as a deterministic atom source for a novel imaging technique based on spatial Fourier filters. We are also developing a 3D-Molasses imaging technique.



15/09/2013 Hector Mas has joined us for an internship -- welcome Hector!
14/09/2013 The website for FOMO-2014, which we are organising, is up.
02/09/2013 Saurabh Pandey will do his PhD with us as part of the QTea network
31/07/2013 Ultra-bright atom lasers on Crete.
19/06/2013 Saurabh Pandey has joined our team.
17/12/2012: The Editorial Board of Journal of Physics B has selected our paper on the new BEC2 trap as a Highlight of 2012. (see section on cold matter) link to broshure 

Contact Person(s):
Dr. Wolf von Klitzing

Last Updated:  28/5/2015