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The increased demand for transit exhibitions and artwork loaning is forcing the art conservation community to implement routine assessment actions in order to prevent mistreatment, damage or fraud, taking place now considerably more often than in the past. A great deal of functional and strategic decision making in museum operation is dominated by the control and maintenance requirements of any art object in exhibition or transit. Such decisions concern a wide range of issues, from routine seasonal checks to the periodic loaning of objects, to promptly acting upon signs of deterioration as well as the definition of induced damage at an early safe stage. Equally important is to continuously assign levels of environmental monitoring of galleries and to respond to transportation impact considerations.

The project aims to develop an innovative methodology and instrumentation that respond to such critical aspects in cultural heritage preservation by implementing an Impact Assessment Prosecure, IAP. The procedure allows the retrieval of impact through the exploration of the properties of structural characteristics and the definition of an encoded comparison of objects' features through time assessing thus the critical aspect of sustainable preservation of any concerned movable artwork.

The effective proposed method relies on the distinct features characterizing the artwork under consideration detected through the original encoding of patterns retrieved by means of induced reaction. The coding and decoding of such characteristic features can be performed holographically before and after the optical and numerical transformation for the purposes of digital processing and archiving. The archive data constitutes codes of signatures of the object that can be retrieved, updated and compared at any later time to provide impact indication or induced alteration. The project extends the state of the art elaborating in synergy with existing expertise, methods and practises and concluded with novel instrumentation, methodology and standards for application.