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CV in English

 Costas M. Soukoulis:  B.S. in Physics (1974) U. of Athens, Greece; Ph.D. in Physics (1978) U. of Chicago.  Visiting Assistant Professor (1978-1981) Physics, U. of Virginia.  Staff (1981-1984) Exxon Research and Eng. Co. and since 1984 has been at Iowa State University (ISU) and Ames Laboratory. He is currently a Distinguished Professor of Physics since 2005. He has been an associate faculty member of FORTH since 1984 and Professor (part time) University of Crete 2001-2011. Soukoulis received the senior Humboldt Research Award (2002); he shared the 2005 EU Descartes award for research on metamaterials. He received an honorary doctorate from Vrije University in Brussels (2011), and shared the 2013 McGroddy Prize of the APS for new materials.  He won the 2014 OSA Max Born Award.  He won the 2015 ETOPIM Rolf Landauer Medal. Highly Cited Researchers published by Thomson-Reuters, 2014 - 2016. He is Fellow of the APS, OSA, and AAAS. He has served on several boards and committees for organizations, including NSF, DOE, and European Union and he is a member of editorial board of PRL. He has been a member or a chairman of various Scientific Committees responsible for various International Conferences. Novel materials that can control the propagation of EM waves are of central importance to science and technology.  Prof. Soukoulis has made seminal contributions to the theory, design, fabrication, and experimental realization of metamaterials (MMs) and photonic crystals (PCs).  Indeed, he was the prime initiator and mover for the development of metamaterials, which do not exist in natural materials.

Research Activities

Left Handed Materials
Photonic Crystals
Photonic-, Phononic- and Meta-materials (PPM) Group

Research Projects

Electromagnetic metamaterials