Dr. Pouli Paraskevi

Principal Application Scientist
Office Telephone: (+30) 2810 391870
Lab Telephone:
Fax: (+30) 2810 391318
Email: ppouli(AT)iesl.forth.gr

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Research Interests

  • Investigation of laser ablation mechanisms & development of cleaning methodologies on a variety of Cultural Heritage challenges
  • Understanding & prevention of side effects upon laser cleaning; i.e. yellowing of sensitive substrates & blackening of pigments.
  • Optimization of the cleaning process using novel & prototype laser systems & methodologies & monitoring the cleaning intervention through spectral imaging, holographic interferometry & laser spectroscopy.

Research Activities

Imaging, Analytical and Structural Diagnostics Applications
Laser Cleaning
Products and Services

Research Projects

The development of a novel laser cleaning methodology for the removal of pollution encrustation from the Parthenon Sculptures
Laser assisted removal of polymeric over-layers from paintings
Elucidation of laser induced side-effects in Cultural Heritage applications; yellowing of stone and pigments’ discoloration
Laser-assisted removal of overlayers/ encrustations from Cultural Heritage objects; studies on various materials and real case applications
Lasers, the innovative approach to the analysis and conservation of monochromatic Reinhardt’s Black Painting
Laser cleaning services on the Acropolis Monuments Sculptures
Spectral Imaging; Stratigraphic studies
Spectral Imaging; Pigment discrimination
Spectral Imaging; Evaluation and monitoring of cleaning interventions
Laser cleaning services at the Aiani archaeological Museum